1. iamjapanese:

    Erkin(Uzbek, b.1957)

    Porcelain treasures    2014    

    Porcelain money   2014   

    Still Life with Chinese porcelain and moths    2014   

    Smoking Pipes at Wan-Li-tile   2013  

    Balance   2011   

    Moved by Zurbaran  2012

    Still Life with Chinese porcelain   2013

    Malus apples   2013

    Oil on panel

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  2. I see.. not disagreeing.

    But not agreeing either?;) 


  3. I’m just saying. My fb feed is full of people doing fb things. Just as tumblr is full of people doing tumblr things, which are different.

    That’s right. I just wrote that out of frustration by how central FB is but yet so stifling, which of course depends on what one’s FB network is like…  


  4. Isn’t everyone?

    Obviously, yes, but I’m just me so. EDIT: I mean, I can’t know about everyone else since I’m just this one person. I’m saying very obvious things.


  5. Everyone’s so dead serious on my Facebook all the time. I’m very non-serious compared to Facebook. I’m also deeper than Facebook.

  6. 1000drawings:

    late into the night (by miki sato)

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  8. tumblropenarts:

    Artist Name: Frank Yunker

    Tumblr: http://frankyunker.tumblr.com/

    I draw the same image everyday.

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  10. jes68:

    El Greco : La Sainte Famille

    Huile sur toile (132 × 100 cm)

    Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

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  11. mademoisellelapiquante:

    Portrait of a Woman (detail) by Bruyn | 1539

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  13. connie-awanderingsoul:

    Thank you for all the love on this gif. <3 

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  14. tmagazine:

    "Sea of Waves," Deborah Dixon, Helene Curtis, 1960 and "The Skirt’s the Thing," Carmen Dell’Orefice and Betsy Pickering, First Avenue and 23rd, Harper’s Bazaar, 1958.

    More fashion photography from William Helburn’s new book.

  15. jeanpaulpaula:

    Mykki Blanco in Komakino for WAD Magazine Styling by JeanPaul Paula Photo By Julot Bandit

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