1. ART HISTORY MEME || [2/4] colors: Green

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  2. Ylva Ogland
    Xenia with poppy flowers, poppy flower petals, cut poppy capsule, poppy seeds and wisdom teeth
    oil on canvas

    From the Xenia series no 9/19

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  3. deviatesinc:

    Brixton gay club, 1980

    photos by Peter Marlow

  5. guerreisms:

    Stay Busy, Look Good.

    Esther Quek Group Fashion Director of The Rake (Middle East), Revolution (Middle East), La Femme (Middle East & Hong Kong)

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  6. medievalpoc:


    "The Untold Renaissance": Ikire Jones Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.

    It’s all dapper hommes, suave strides and bold prints and patterns in Nigerian designer Wale Oyejide’s Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook for his brand Ikire Jones.

    “This collection pays homage to 18th century textiles and tapestries while exploring the absence of persons of color in Medieval and Renaissance-era European art.  Borrowing from the sampling method employed in hip hop culture, each reinvented piece tells an original narrative from the perspective of Africans who have been placed in an alien context.  Through this reverse lens to the past, the present circumstances of individuals who feel displaced and alienated may also be considered.”

    Contemporary Art Week!

    I absolutely love the concept behind this. Especially: “reverse lens to the past”.

    official website

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  7. eileen-sideways:

    My heart literally skipped a beat. ♡

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  8. Cut out cardboard miniature of the stage set and backdrop of the 1920s ballet El Greco. Museum of Dance, Stockholm.

  9. Good Friday & Happy Eyez (amazing mash-up of the two songs on performance on Dutch TV, 2008) - CocoRosie 

  10. René Gruau

  11. scavengedluxury:

    Southbank at night. London, March 2014.

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  12. "

    broken english

    when my mother struggles to spell a word in english
    I want to break the entire language
    into little pieces
    so the edges of these letters
    will stop cutting her

    — aysha

  13. The original princess costume from Ballet Russes’ “Sleeping Beauty”, 1921. Designed by Leon Bankst. Museum of Dance, Stockholm.

  14. Liljeholmen, Stockholm


  15. first day without jacket!